$335,000 Stolen From Local Carpernters’ Union

Reported by Eric Deabil

Scranton, Lackawanna County – For the second time in three months, two well known Lackawanna County business owners are facing charges.

Paul and James Sinkaus are accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from union workers

With their attorneys at the side, both Paul and James Sinkaus turned themselves in at the Lackawanna County Courthouse Wednesday.

Investigators say the father and son stole more than $335,000 from a local carpenters’ union.

They’re accused of not paying into the workers healthcare, pension, and education funds for nearly all of 2010.

Both of the Sinkaus’ ran JVS Specialties, a drywall business out of their home in Taylor.

They’re no stranger to law enforcement. In November, both men were also accused of taking $51,000 from a local painters union.

Leaving court, James Sinkaus promised to pay the money back.

Defense attorneys blame the bad economy.

They say the Sinkaus’ themselves owed a half million dollars from a general contractor, and that’s why the union members haven’t gotten their money.

Prosecutors are looking into whether Paul and James Sinkaus took advantage of any other union members.

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