Fans Gear Up for Super Bowl

By Peggy Lee

Football fans in our area stocked up on game day goodies or decked out their local waterholes, all to get ready for Super Bowl Sunday.

Dozens of game day snacks were scanned and bagged at Gerrity’s Supermarket in Scranton, as football fans grabbed up items for their Super Bowl super-parties.

“Everybody loves the Super Bowl. It’s just like a national holiday,” said Gerrity’s manager Mark Dudek.

Employees brought out the fan rivalry, donning jerseys from both the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Shoppers said they take their team support right down to their grocery lists.

“Well I’m not going to buy any Wisconsin cheese today,” laughed Bill Gilbert of Old Forge.

At Kelly’s Pub and Eatery in South Scranton, the kitchen was heating up with hot wings.

Employees placed order after order of wings on tables in the dining room, getting them ready for pick up.

“The phone’s been ringing for about two weeks and this week was really heavy,” said employee Kathleen Fritch. “Last night the phone was just ringing off the hook, and today too, we’re still taking orders.”

The beer orders will soon be flowing at The Dutchman near Gouldsboro in Wayne County.

Employees here say this is the ultimate Steelers’ bar and they’ve got the d├ęcor and the customers to prove it.

“I’ve been a diehard Steelers fan since I was a baby,” said fan Leslie Weimer of Mount Pocono. “‘Stairway to seven’ and we’re knocking on seven’s door!”

Owner Dutch Treitz wore his Steelers’ pride on his face; he had his beard dyed black and gold just for the day.

“You know my wife laughs at me, like what are you doing? You don’t play for the Steelers, you’re not Troy Polamalu,” said Treitz. “But I’m a fan, we’re fanatical, that’s where fan comes from.”

For Mark Powell and his family, being a packers fan is personal.

His brother-in-law just happens to be Joe Philbin, the team’s offensive coordinator and the Powell’s will be having friends over to root him on.

“This is a game I would watch in a closet with no one around so I wouldn’t miss anything,” said Powell. “But we are having a group of friends over, all diehard packer fans.”

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