Former Dunmore Teacher Sentenced to Prison

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A former Dunmore High School teacher is going to prison.

Andrew Wally was back in court Wednesday afternoon after entering a no contest plea to corruption of minors charges in May.

Wally is a former biology teacher and golf coach.

He apologized in court before learning his fate budge a judge said his actions caused a “blemish” on the profession of all teachers.

Wally was formally sentenced to between six and 23 months behind bars.

“I think the judge considered his position as a teacher, the position of trust that he had with the children that he was entrusted with by all the parents that went to the Dunmore schools,” Assistant District Attorney Mariclare Hayes said.

In January, Wally was charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student. Investigators initially said Wally had a six-month relationship with the girl and also gave her alcohol.

“He gave up his license. He’ll never be able to be a teacher again or be in that position again,” defense attorney Chris Powell said. “In fact, he won’t be able to be in other certain positions in regards to school districts or the teaching of students.”

Wally’s arrest and the charges sent shockwaves through the Dunmore School District.

In handing down his sentence, a judge said that Wally was almost in “a position of awe” amongst the students as a teacher.

“This is something that just can’t be tolerated in our society. It’s something that won’t be tolerated by any of the judges,” Hayes said.

Besides prison, Wally was also sentenced to 150 hours of community service.

The 17-year-old female student that Wally had the relationship was in court Wednesday. She testified on his behalf saying she was never forced into anything.

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