Lackawanna County man sues Ford over airbag that failed to deploy

By Joe McDonald

A Covington Twp. man who was severely injured in a head-on crash when his  airbag did not deploy filed a Lackawanna County Court lawsuit Tuesday against  Ford Motor Co. and the car dealer in the Poconos where he bought the car.

The suit, filed by Scranton attorney Bruce S. Zero on behalf of John A.  Cancelleri, 23 Marcie Drive, stems from a crash on Route 307 in Spring Brook  Twp. on Aug. 20, 2010.

According to the suit, Mr. Cancelleri’s southbound car was struck in a  head-on crash by a car driven by Raymond A. Morales, who made a left turn into  the path of Mr. Cancelleri’s 2005 Mercury Sable.

The driver’s side airbag in Mr. Cancelleri’s car did not deploy, the suit  states, and the seat belt restraint system also failed to “adequately  operate.”

As a result, the suit states, Mr. Cancelleri suffered a massive disc  herniation with spinal cord compression and lower-extremity paralysis.

The suit claims Ford and Ray Price Motors, the dealership where the Mercury  Sable was purchased in April 2005, had a duty to exercise due care in the  design, manufacture, assembly, distribution and marketing of the car.

The suit also claims Ford knew there were defects in that particular make and  model yet failed to issue a recall to correct it, even though the company had  received an “inordinately large number of complaints or incidents.”

The suit seeks more than $100,000 in damages.

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