Teens at greatest risk for pedestrian injuries

Children walking to school need to be extra careful during this hectic back-to-school time. More children are hit by cars in September than any other month, and teens are the most at-risk youth for pedestrian injuries, according to a new study released by SafeKids Worldwide and FedEx.

The study, “Walking Safely, A Report to the Nation,” which examines 15-year trends in child pedestrian injuries and deaths in the U.S., says more than 500 children are killed by cars every year, and more than 61 are injured every day severely enough to seek medical attention. Today the death rate among older teens is now twice that of younger children. In 1995, children ages 5-9 suffered the most injuries.

“While our focus on younger kids has made a difference, we need to turn the spotlight – and our collective efforts – on this disturbing trend impacting our teen-agers,” said Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide.

Cell phones to blame?

The study says injuries among 16-19-year-olds increased 25 percent over the previous five years. Today, 14-19-year-olds account for 50 percent of child pedestrian injuries. Ms. Carr said the trend seems to correlate with the prevalence of cell phone use, both among walkers and drivers. The number of injuries is highest in the months when most students end and begin the school year (June, August and September.)

While the news is alarming for teen-agers, it is better for younger children. The study says child pedestrian deaths are down 53 percent and injuries are down 44 percent since 1995. An explanation for this trend could be that education and school zone improvement programs have been in effect for the past 13 years.

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