Probe Into Hose Company Finances Launched

VIDEO – http://wnep.com/2013/02/20/probe-into-hose-company-finances-launched/

MOOSIC — State police have started an investigation into a volunteer fire company in Lackawanna County after firefighters noticed a discrepancy in the books.

Lawyers for the Greenwood Hose Company in Moosic believe a significant amount of money is missing.

State police began their investigation this week after officials with Greenwood Hose Company went to authorities when they noticed the missing money. An audit still needs to be done to find out how much the hose company is out and how the money could have gone missing.

A meeting last week at the Greenwood Hose Company on Birney Avenue in Moosic revealed a problem that now has state police involved and could end with one of its members facing criminal charges.

When leaders from the volunteer fire department noticed a significant amount of money was unaccounted for, they turned to their attorney who then contacted Moosic Police.

“The board of directors saw a discrepancy in the amount of money in the account. The president stood up and resigned. Now we’re just in the infancy in how it’s missing,” said Greenwood Hose Company solicitor Chris Powell.

Moosic police soon handed the investigation over to state police. Investigators will do an audit. So, it could be weeks before we know how much money is missing from the fire company, how it disappeared, and who may have taken it.

The lawyer for the hose company says the volunteers will continue working to protect the public just as they always have. He admits the discovery of the missing money has many of the volunteers upset.

“It’s like going to a funeral home. They can’t believe what happened happened.”

Much of the Greenwood Hose Company’s income comes from donations from Moosic residents. People we talked to say no matter the amount, and who may be responsible, the fact that money may be missing is inexcusable and disappointing.

“I feel very sad, because whoever did that, if it’s true, we don’t know the circumstances. If they were desperate it doesn’t make it right for you to take the money,” said Dorothy Bouselli.

“It seems to always happen in these places that are supposed to help you, and I’m not going to say it’s an inside job but it seems to always be,” said Mary-Ann Gordon.

The lawyer for Greenwood Hose Company says they’re continuing to work with state police as they investigate. And he says the president of the board of directors, William Sweeney, has since resigned.

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