Finish a Round of Golf Without Injury

The annual Masters Tournament that begins today at Augusta National Golf Club is energizing golfers all around the country. Here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the next Tiger Woods might be among the many golfers diligently par-fecting their swings or short games at regional golf courses. Although your golf game seems to be more than enough to think about, don’t forget to consider safety. Ideally, you should be able to finish your round at your favorite watering hole, not the hospital.

There are all kinds of potential dangers, and legal issues, surrounding golf courses and the game itself. Faulty course design can be hazardous to golfers. Golf carts can tip over and injure, or even kill, those who ride in them. Contract disputes might arise involving hole-in-one contests, product liability claims for defectively manufactured golf clubs, and patent and trademark disagreements. Slip-and-fall lawsuits might result from claims by homeowners, pedestrians or motorists hit by golf balls outside the course boundaries. Then, there are the laws concerning the players themselves. According to the American Bar Association, one player may sue another if he/she is injured due to an intentional tort, such as assault and battery, recklessness or negligence.

The best defense against any danger or legal ramifications is to know the laws and prevent injury in the first place. Both the golf courses and the players should take a hard look at their responsibilities for making sure a golf game is fair, and safe.

Course of action

If you are a golf course owner, make sure you are providing a safe workplace for your staff and a safe recreational environment for your golfers. According to www.golfcourseindustry.com, all golf course budgets should include funds for safety equipment, upgrades to facilities, adherence to laws and regulations and training for staff. Every golf course needs written safety standards such as standard operating procedures, long-range planning, and orientation and training manuals.

Play it safe

If you are a golfer:
• Pay attention to golf cart operating instructions. Don’t overload carts or drive while intoxicated, and stay on cart paths.
• Make sure your partners are a safe distance away when you are preparing to swing.
• Be especially careful if there is a possibility your ball might venture onto an adjoining fairway.
• Yell “fore” if your shot appears to be putting others in danger, and if you hear someone else yell “fore,” crouch for cover behind your golf bag, a tree, golf cart, or cover your head with your hands.
• Never hit into the group ahead of you.
• Never throw your clubs.
• Once you see lightning or hear thunder, stop playing. Many golfers have been struck by lightning.
• Don’t attempt a shot you can’t make. It might hurt someone else.

Above all, remember that you are golfing to have fun. If you’ve thought through all the safety measures, you can finally relax – and work on your game.

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