Should I Choose Limited Tort or Full Tort on My Auto Insurance Policy?

Today’s question comes from Frank from Scranton. Frank asks, should he choose limited tort in order to save some money on his auto insurance premium? Tort – T-O-R-T –  is a civil wrong. By having full tort coverage, you have the ability to obtain a full recovery. By choosing limited tort, you give up some important rights, and you give up your right to recover anything but economic loss unless you have a serious injury. And in Pennsylvania, a serious injury is defined pretty strictly.

The bottom line is, if you have a limited tort, it’s very unlikely you’re going to have a lawyer to help you because most cases are going to be rejected unless you have a very serious injury. You only save about 15 percent on your premium, so on a $1,000 policy, about 150 bucks. So, clearly, full tort is your best option.

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