Can I Be Arrested for DUI After Using Drugs in Pennsylvania?

Hi, this is Mark Powell, a Scranton attorney – Legally Speaking. P.J. from Lackawanna County was arrested for DUI, even though he had not been drinking and had not smoked marijuana for several days before his arrest. In Pennsylvania, drugged driving is a crime, and the Commonwealth doesn’t necessarily have to prove impaired driving. In other words, because marijuana is illegal, if you have it in your system at the time you’re arrested, you can be found guilty under the DUI statutes. Similarly, if you’re on prescription medication but don’t have a valid prescription, that’s also a crime. And those blood tests can prove impairment and can prove illegal substance, both of which you would be guilty under DUI. If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related crime, call me. I can answer your questions and help you through the process.

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