Mediation an Effective Tool To Resolve Personal Injury Cases

Attorney Bruce Zero, Powell Law Scranton PABy Bruce S. Zero, Esq.

In recent years, there has been movement away from the expensive and time-consuming legal system as a way of settling personal injury claims. Lawyers and insurance companies have been taking advantage of different types of alternative dispute resolution – particularly mediation.

Plaintiff and defense lawyers now recognize the value of mediation and use it frequently. On behalf of our clients, in recent years we have utilized mediation as an effective tool to settle our clients’ personal injury cases. There are times when we reach an impasse in negotiations with an insurance company over settlement. Mediation offers a sensible way to resolve the dispute.

In mediation, the parties involved in a dispute sit down with a neutral third person, the mediator, who is experienced in helping litigants come to a mutually satisfactory resolution of the case. In the event a settlement cannot be reached, the attorneys at Powell Law are always prepared and able to try any case to a jury verdict.

A settlement of a case at mediation is reached only if both sides agree to it. At the mediation, the mediator does not make decisions or even give opinions. If the parties themselves do not agree to a settlement, they go back to where they left off before the mediation began.

The cost of mediation is usually split equally between the two parties. The process is informal and the purpose is to allow each side to have a say without fear that if they say the wrong thing, they can lose the case. Mediation is just another tool we use at Powell Law to obtain favorable settlements for our clients in personal injury cases.

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