Chris’ Criminal Law Comments: Bail

Attorney Chris Powell, Powell Law Scranton PABy Christopher T. Powell Jr., Esq.

The Constitutions of the United States and Pennsylvania provide for a defendant to be released on bail because in America, criminal defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In most cases, after an individual has been arrested, he/she is allowed to post bail. Before a verdict is rendered, bail is set in most cases, except for a few of the most serious offenses, such as murder.

Even if you are arrested on a Saturday or Sunday, you may be released on bail on any day and at any time. In fact, the Constitution of Pennsylvania states, “All prisoners shall be bailable by sufficient sureties, unless for capital offenses or for offenses for which the maximum sentence is life in prison or unless no condition or combination of conditions other than prison will reasonably assure the safety of any person and the community when the proof is evident or presumption great.” The release procedures and the reasons for which bail must be given can be found under Rule 523.

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