Distracted Driving

Attorney Bruce Zero, Powell Law Scranton PADistracted driving is a major concern for motorist safety.

Recent statistics have shown that distracted drivers on American roads cause a minimum of 3,100 deaths and over 400,000 injuries per year. Cell phone use by other drivers is a threat to our safety, yet an AAA Foundation survey found that 67% of drivers continue to use cell phones while driving despite knowing the danger. Distracted driving is not limited to the use of cell phones. Distracted driving involves any activity which takes our hands off the wheel, our eyes off the road and our minds off the task of driving. Examples of distracted driving include reaching for something, eating, conversation with others in the car, adjusting the radio or using the navigation system. Adults believe teenage drivers texting and talking on a cell phone are the cause of most distracted driving accidents. Actually, drivers of all ages engage in distracted driving. All of us can play a role in ending distracted driving.

During recent presentations, when I have asked teens whether their parents drive distracted with them in the car, more than 70% of them raised their hand. We should all be vigilant in attempting to reduce distracted driving in our household.

–Bruce S. Zero, Esquire

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