Attorney Chris Powell, Powell Law Scranton PAThe words Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion are rarely understood. What it means is “all other motions.” So, unless otherwise required, all pre-trial requests for relief shall be included in one motion. The types of relief that are appropriate for this motion are:

  • Motion for Continuance
  • Severance, Joinder or Consolidation. Severance means that you wish not to be tried with co-defendants. A joinder or consolidation is that you wish to be tried with a co-defendant and to consolidate all charges at one trial.
  • Motion for Suppression of Evidence
  • Motion for Psychiatric Examinations
  • Motions to Quash or Dismiss the Information
  • Motion for a Change of Venue
  • Motion to Disqualify a Judge
  • Motion for a Pre-trial Conference.

Once the Omnibus Motions are filed and properly served, the Judge usually gives a time for the District Attorney to answer and/or file briefs along with the date for Hearing.

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