CHRIS’ CRIMINAL LAW COMMENTS: Court Dismissal Upon Satisfaction

Court Dismissal Upon SatisfactionThis is one of the greatest rules in the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Rule 586 applies when a defendant is charged with an offense which is not alleged to be committed by force or violence and everyone agrees the case may be dismissed upon satisfaction of the victim. If it is shown that the public interest will not be adversely affected, the Attorney for the Commonwealth consents to the dismissal and satisfaction (money) has been made to the aggrieved person or there is an agreement that satisfaction will be made to the aggrieved person, the case can be dismissed under Rule 586 as satisfaction having been made.

However, there must be some agreement as to who pays the cost of prosecution, which in some cases can be high or as much as the money owed to the victim.

Rule 586 only applies to cases in the Court of Common Pleas. No Magisterial District Judge may dismiss a case under this Rule.

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