Hurt On The Construction Site? Part 2: Medical Conditions Caused by Construction Injuries

This is the second part of a two-part blog on construction-site injuries. In the first part, the causes of construction injuries were discussed. Workers who are aware of the risks presented by their work environment have a much better chance of leaving the job happy and healthy at 5:00 p.m. There are common medical conditions caused by construction injuries, but there are also some that are not always apparent.

Sadly, construction accidents may result in death. Out of 4,386 private-sector worker fatalities in 2014, Hurt On The Construction Site? Part 2: Medical Conditions Caused by Construction Injuries899 (20.5%) were construction-related. The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by electrocution, struck by object, and caught-in/between. These “Fatal Four” accounted for 57.6% of construction worker deaths in 2014. In a situation where death occurs, the family of the deceased must consider a wrongful death claim to be compensated the loss of a loved one. The attorneys at Powell Law have served the families of deceased workers for 110 years.

Construction injuries may often result in the following medical conditions:

  • Amputation of a body part;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Burns from fires, explosions, or electrocutions;
  • Cuts and lacerations;
  • Head or traumatic brain injuries;
  • Loss of or impaired vision;
  • Sprains or other muscle and joint damage from overuse;
  • Loss of or impaired hearing;
  • Paralysis and other spinal cord injuries;
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder;
  • Respiratory Diseases such as pneumoconiosis, a chronic dust disease of the lung arising out of employment, usually in coalmines. The most common pneumoconiosis conditions that have led to death in construction workers are asbestosis, silicosis, and black lung disease;
  • Toxic chemical exposure.

Some construction injuries are not always apparent. The attorneys at Powell Law can provide sound legal advice and guidance for an injured worker, while helping him receive the necessary medical treatment to determine the full extent of his injuries.

A construction accident case is often complicated necessitating the need for an experienced team of attorneys like those at Powell Law, where we’ve protected the rights of Pennsylvania workers for over 110 years. If you have a work-related injury, consult the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Powell Law. Your first consultation is free. Contact us online or call (570) 961-0777.

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