Important Terms To Know In a Personal Injury Case Part 3

The attorneys at Powell Law have litigated all types of personal injury cases over the years. During the course of a personal injury lawsuit, clients encounter various unfamiliar legal terms related to their case. Here is part three of a primer explaining a few of these terms (S-Z):

Settlement Mediation – A dispute resolution mechanism used to assist parties reach a settlement and avoid further litigation in court. A neutral third party mediates negotiations between the parties to assist them in reaching a mutually satisfactory final outcome.

Statute of Limitations – The time period in which a plaintiff must file a lawsuit.Important Terms To Know In a Personal Injury Case Part 3

Strict Liability – A legal theory imposing liability for certain acts regardless of fault or wrongdoing.

Summary Judgment – Available when there are no disputed material facts between the parties and one party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.

Summons – A legal document prepared by the plaintiff and issued by a court that informs a defendant of the lawsuit’s existence.

Testimony – Evidence given by a witness under oath during deposition or trial.

Tort – a civil wrong committed by a person that causes injury to another, thus creating a cause of action for damages.

Witness – An individual who testifies under oath during legal proceedings, including depositions.

Wrongful death – A type of action brought by a decedent’s family or beneficiaries to recover damages caused by a family member’s death.

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