Driving Safely On The Highways With Trucks

15.5 million trucks travel the highways and turnpikes of America annually. Two million are tractor-trailers. The United States Department of Transportation estimates over 500,000 truck accidents occur every year. More than 75% of truck accidents are caused by the driver of a passenger vehicle and only 16% are the fault of the truck driver. Here are some tips for driving safely on the highways with trucks:

  • When passing a truck, drivers must maintain a safe but steady speed, keeping the cabDriving Safely On The Highways With Trucks of the truck in the rear-view mirror before pulling out in front of it. Drivers should, of course, pass on the left to maximize visibility and ensure there is enough space between their car and the truck when merging back into the truck’s lane.
  • If a truck attempts to pass, reduce speed as necessary to make it easier for the truck to complete the act of passing.
  • Never pass behind a truck preparing to back up or in the process of backing up. This may cause the trucker to lose sight of you in a blind spot.
  • When a truck is making a wide turn, anticipate that it will “overturn.” For example, when turning right, trucks may outwardly swing left to negotiate the turn. Because of this, truck drivers can’t necessarily see cars directly behind or beside them, thus drivers moving to the right of the turning truck may cause an accident.
  • When driving near a truck, don’t use bright headlights. The truck’s large side mirrors will reflect bright lights into a truck driver’s eyes and temporary blindness.
  • Don’t hang around the side of the truck.
  • Don’t pass over multiple lanes but intermittently pass one lane at a time.
  • Drivers must remain consistent with the speed of their vehicle.Trucks can’t stop as quickly as other motor vehicles. When an automobile’s speed is continually fluctuating, it makes it hard to predict its actions and determine whether or not it’s going to pass or remain in the same lane.

On average, truck drivers have more experience driving than the average driver of a passenger car. They spend a significant portion of their day driving at high rates of speed on crowded highways trying to meet impending deadlines, while faced with a host of other stress-related variables. It is important for all drivers in Pennsylvania to respect them and appreciate the dangers and risks that they face daily. Otherwise, these dangers and risks may result in dire consequences for the drivers of trucks and motor vehicles alike.

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