Smartphones, Cell Phones & Distracted Driving

The attorneys at Powell Law have seen it all. We’ve litigated Pennsylvania personal injury actions for 110 years. Sadly, we presently see that distracted driving is causing too many personal injuries. According to a National Safety Council report on distracted driving, cellphones are at the top of the list of the primary causes of distracted driving.

New technology in vehicles is causing drivers to become more distracted behind the wheelSmartphones, Cell  Phones & Distracted Driving in record proportion. Fifty-three percent of drivers believe that high-tech dashboards and hands-free technology in vehicles must be safe, otherwise manufacturers wouldn’t install these features. Similarly, many drivers believe they are taking safe precautions by using a hands-free device in the face of bans on hand-held devices. But, according to the research, all of this technology does little to actually advance safety. Simply put, it is hard to multi-task while operating a motor vehicle.

Some state laws prohibit handheld devices, while other laws prohibit drivers from texting and driving. Other laws are applicable to minors, limiting the use of handheld devices for drivers under the age of 18. Pennsylvania bans texting for drivers of all ages. This is the limit of our state’s legislation on the subject.

A recent Wall Street Journal article on distracted driving states that a new feature on many phones called Drive Mode may help limit cell phone distractions by disabling certain functions of the phone while driving. This application would eliminate a driver’s ability to text, make calls, use social media, and even play games while driving. On its face, it would seem to be a viable solution to the problem. Of course, users of cell phone would need to employ the discipline to put their phone in Drive Mode prior to driving, and more importantly, to leave it in Drive Mode until their intended destination is reached.

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