Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania Is Form-Intensive: Part 1

The attorneys at Powell Law have represented injured Pennsylvania workers for 110 years. In representing our clients, we are often presented with questions about completing all forms required to file a successful workers’ compensation claim. Powell Law has vast experience in helping our clients sort through and understand the multitude of paperwork involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Most states, including Pennsylvania, utilize compensation forms that judges, experienced Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania Is Form-Intensive: Part 1 attorneys, and claims adjusters might find difficult to understand.  Submitting a completed form opens a workers’ compensation case, thus starting the process of determining whether an applicant is eligible for benefits under Pennsylvania state law.

The trend continues to move toward filing forms online rather than at the courthouse. Certain forms, such as the Notice of Compensation Payable (LIBC-495), Notice of Compensation Denial (LIBC-496), Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable (LIBC-501), and the Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation (LIBC-502) are being revised to accommodate industry movement toward Forms Solution, the WCAIS (Workers’-Compensation-Automation-and-Integration-System) functionality that will create forms from accepted EDI (electronic data exchange) transactions.

If you are injured on the job, be sure to report your injury to your employer immediately The employer must report an employee injury by filing a First Report of Injury (LIBC-344). Employees may then expect to see a Notice of Workers’ Compensation Denial, Notice of Compensation Payable or Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable. Compensation applicants may also expect to complete a Statement of Wages..

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