Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania Is Form-Intensive: Part 2

Today’s blog features a summary in the form of a list of the important documents Filing A Workers' Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania Is Form-Intensive: Part 2 encountered in a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case. The attorneys at Powell Law have represented injured Pennsylvania workers for 110 years. Here is a list of some forms that may be encountered during the application process:

Title WC Bureau #
Medical Report Form

(A form  completed by a treating physician within ten days of initial treatment and monthly thereafter)

Appeal from Judge’s Findings

(Appeals a judge’s findings of fact and conclusions of law)

Agreement for Compensation

(If an employer and employee enter into an agreement, the employer must meet certain requirements not later than 21 days from the date the employer had notice or knowledge of the disability)

Supplemental Agreement

(Post-claim acceptance form evidencing employee change in status, either as a return-to-work, or reinstatement, if work is stopped)

Agreement to Stop Weekly Workers’ Compensation Payments (Final Receipt)

(Terminates weekly benefits)

Employer’s Report of Injury

(When an employee injury is reported to the employer)

Answer to Claim Petition

(An employer’s answer to a petition for benefits)

Statement of Wages

(Provides a basis to calculate pre-injury average weekly wage and compensation payable rate)

Notice of Compensation Payable

(Employee claim being accepted with injury and wage rates identified)

Notice of Compensation Denial

(Employee claim being denied, requiring basis be identified)

Physician’s Affidavit of Recovery

(Attesting to full recovery post-injury)

Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable

(Temporary compensation benefits are payable for ninety (90) days without admission of liability as to injury or disability)

Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation

(Required to be filed before expiration of ninety (90) day temporary compensation period)

Utilization Review

(Challenge to reasonableness and necessity of medical care)

Notification of Suspension/Modification

(Used to suspend or modify wage loss benefits within 7 days of return to work)

Compromise & Release Agreement

(Document used to settle workers’ compensation claims, subject to approval by WCJ)

Notice of Ability to Return to Work

(A form advising the employee that they are medically released to return to work); (with mandatory issuance prior to any employer job offer being extended)


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