Unsecured Loads Are Especially Dangerous For Motorcyclists

In July of this year, a video went viral of a motorcyclist knocked from his bike by an unsecured vehicle load on Minnesota Interstate 94. A piece of foam water carpet became unsecured, causing it to fly off a SUV to strike the motorcyclist, and causing the bike to flip over. While this type of accident is dangerous to all motor vehicle operators, it is especially dangerous for motorcycle riders.

The motorcyclist attempted to avoid the water carpet but when the he drove over it, bothUnsecured Loads Are Especially Dangerous For Motorcyclists he and the motorcycle jetted into the air at a high rate of speed, throwing him off the bike and causing him to roll along 150 feet of pavement. Fortunately, he was spared any serious injuries by wearing a helmet. Other motorists came quickly to his aid.

The result of this accident could have been extremely more severe, resulting in critical or fatal injuries. Motorists must always carefully secure any type of load onto their vehicle regardless of the distance of the trip, or size of the load. In turn, motorcyclists must educate themselves in motorcycle safety and defensive driving to travel Pennsylvania’s roadways without serious incident.

State law in Pennsylvania requires that motorists properly secure all loads onto their vehicles and trailers. A 20-lb. object hitting a vehicle at 55 MPH has the impact of 1000 pounds. The following tips are recommended for securing a load:

  • Do not use twine or cheap rope to secure a load. Bungee  cords are a much better alternative.
  • Ratchet straps are highly recommended because they  do not  need to be tied and stay tight in transit.
  • Tarps are highly recommended for covering cargo but may not be best for long distances.
  • If towing a boat or moving an object, using some type of covering such as a tarp is a good idea to prevent objects from being displaced.

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