Safety Tips For Motor Vehicle Passengers

As a passenger in a motor vehicle, we place our trust in the driver who has control over our safety. Here are some safety tips for passengers of motor vehicles.

Safety Tips For Motor Vehicle PassengersDo not distract the driver

Do not continually change radio stations or adjust the radio volume. Do not carry on prolonged, detailed conversations or talk loudly on a cell phone. Do not draw the driver’s attention away from the road by overly focusing on the scenery and environment.

Wear a seat belt

Always wear a safety belt. As the number of traffic fatalities is significantly rising each year, this is simple, essential advice.

Pay attention to the road

Act as a separate set of eyes for the driver’s benefit while not distracting.

Consider children who are passengers

Of the children age 8 and under who died in vehicle crashes in 2014, 26 percent were not restrained by an age-appropriate device such as an infant seat, booster seat or seat belt. In Pennsylvania, children under the age of two (2) are required by a law enacted in 2016 to be secured in rear-facing child seats. Pasafekids.org states that the best way to protect a child in a motor vehicle “is to use the right seat at the right time and the right way every time he/she rides.”

If you are injured as a passenger

If injured in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger, first determine which driver was at fault. A passenger may potentially pursue a claim against a culpable driver regardless of the car in which he was riding. If a passenger is at fault for any reason, such as distracting the driver or grabbing the steering wheel, any recovery will be reduced by his proportionate fault based on principles of comparative negligence.

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