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At Powell Law, one of our areas of practice revolves around workers’ compensation. We effectively assist clients throughout the entire workers’ compensation claims process. Our attorneys, past and present, have represented Pennsylvania workers injured on the job for 110 years. Workers may receive benefits in Pennsylvania for partial or total disability. Where total disability benefits theoretically may be received for an infinite period of time, partial disability benefits are normally limited to 500 weeks.

workers' compensation attorney, workers' compensation, Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE), total disability, partial disability, Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, workplace injuries Employees receive coverage under workers’ compensation insurance the day they start employment at a particular job. This insurance is basically a substitute for wage loss if a worker is injured. It does not compensate for pain and suffering nor provide job security. Total disability and permanent disability refer more so to the status of an injured worker rather than to the severity or duration of the disability.

A worker may become partially disabled in many different circumstances. An injury that is classified as a partial disability may be as severe, permanent and debilitating as an injury classified as a total disability.” A worker with a partial disability may have returned to work, full or part-time, earning wages equal to or more or less than wages earned at the time of the disabling injury.

Partial disability may also result from an Impairment Rating Exam (IRE)  assessing the injured worker at less than 50% impaired based upon applicable guidelines. Partial disability may mean that although the injured worker has not returned to work, the injured worker has some remaining earning power based on industry data.

Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are wage loss and medical benefits paid to workers who are not totally disabled or may return to work with modified duties or at lower pay. Wage loss benefits are based on a percentage of the difference between previous and current wages. PPD is determined by the type of injury, the age of the claimant, and other factors. The benefit calculations are done according to a statutory formula. Claims are adjusted in-house by field investigators.

Permanent partial disability benefits may last for up to 500 weeks from the date that a condition transitions to partial disability. Once this 500-week period ends, if a worker’s status has not been modified to temporary total disability, wage loss benefits will discontinue.

At Powell Law, we effectively assist clients throughout the entire workers’ compensation claims process. Whether you are partially or totally disabled from a work-related injury, illness, or condition, we will help you recover all due compensation. For 110 years, Powell Law has represented Pennsylvania workers in workers’ compensation cases in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Consult an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney. Contact us at (570) 961-0777. The consultation is FREE!

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