Summer Driving Tips

Summer is just about here and traffic is sure to increase during these hot, humid months. Over 35 million people traveled on Memorial Day weekend and 90 percent of them traveled by motor vehicle. Here are some summer driving tips to keep you and your family safe on the roads this summer.

Summer Driving Tips*A hydrated motor vehicle  

A car’s radiator, pressure cap, belts, and hoses may be affected by heat, especially during the summer months. Effects of hot weather may cause blisters, cracks, or cuts in the rubber. During the summer, it is even more important to maintain fluid levels for the brakes, power steering, automatic transmission, coolant, and windshield washer.

*Pedestrian, motorcycle, bicycle awareness

Warm weather means an increase in pedestrian traffic since more people will exercise or simply choose to walk to and from their destination. It also means that people will take the opportunity to utilize some form of bicycle or motorcycle for travel. With more pedestrians and cyclists on the road, motorists must be prepared to yield when required.

*Regular vehicle inspection

Motorists must take precautions to be prepared if they find themselves stranded on a hot summer day because of a motor vehicle breakdown. Drivers must regularly check belts and hoses, tire pressure, fluid levels, and the performance of the vehicle’s air conditioning system to avoid and prevent these summer breakdowns. If you can’t do this yourself, bring your vehicle to a qualified service center.

*Emergency travel kit equipped

A first aid kit, bottled water, flashlight, jumper cables, extra windshield washer fluid, map, and tire jack should all be included in a motor vehicle’s emergency travel kit.

*Current knowledge of road conditions and road construction

Road construction is common during the summer months. Drivers must be aware of conditions including those near their destination. Constructions zones typically have reduced speed limits requiring driving at a safer, more reasonable rate of speed.

*Child passenger safety

The temperature of a car’s interior rises dramatically during hot weather. At 85 degrees it will take only 10 minutes for the car’s interior to reach 110 degrees. Children must not be left alone in a vehicle during such weather. When inside the vehicle, they must be properly seated with safety belts.

*Sobriety on the road

Every 45 minutes, someone is involved in an alcohol-related crash in the United States. Drivers during summer months often engage in alcohol consumption. It is important for all drivers to make the choice to be responsible and not drink alcohol and operate a motor vehicle.

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