Accident Victims May Not Immediately Feel The Effects Of Their Injuries

Accident victims often think that they have escaped an accident unscathed if they experience no pain or visible signs of physical harm. Too often victims have discovered that they are not free of injury. Many of the types of injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents do not cause pain immediately after the event. Such injuries are often referred to as delayed onset injuries. Drivers and passengers alike that are in an accident should always, without exception, seek medical care to ensure that they are not afflicted with any delayed pain injuries.

Accident Victims May Not Immediately Feel The Effects Of Their InjuriesWhile most types of delayed onset injuries are not potentially life-threatening, any delayed pain felt in the abdominal region may indicate serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Such pain may result from internal bleeding or organ damage. Failure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible may be fatal.

Delayed pain in the upper body region around the shoulders or neck may occur. While delayed pain and soreness may occur in any muscle, it is most common in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Accident victims who strike their head at the time of the accident may have brain damage in the form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even a mild TBI may present serious harm if the victim does not seek proper treatment immediately.

Injuries and trauma to the spinal cord may cause delayed pain, especially since all of the body’s nerves travel through the spinal cord. Discs in a spine may bulge or shift out of alignment resulting in pinched nerves, which may further cause, not only severe pain, but numbness, tingling, and loss of feeling in the hands, arms, and legs.

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