The Role Of A Juror In A Personal Injury Case

In the United States, juries may hear both criminal and civil cases. In civil cases such as personal injury matters, a natural or artificial person, the plaintiff, files a lawsuit against another natural or artificial person, the defendant. While Pennsylvania juries consist of twelve members in criminal cases, a jury may consist of as few as six jurors or as many as twelve in civil cases.

The Role Of A Juror In A Personal Injury CaseJurors are selected when their name is randomly selected from voter and motor vehicle registration lists. A Pennsylvania county may supplement the master juror list by including additional lists from other sources. Selected jurors are sent a summons, which is a court order requiring them to appear at the time and place stated therein.

Jurors generally perform the following functions in a civil or criminal trial in Pennsylvania:

  • Listen to all evidence presented during the trial;
  • Deliberate by discussing the evidence with other jury members and deciding the facts of a case based upon the evidence presented, including testimonial evidence from witnesses;
  • Apply the law to the facts that you determine in your role as a jury member;
  • Refrain from any participation in all independent investigative activity;
  • Determine the money damages in civil cases as applicable;
  • Decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty in criminal cases; and
  • Reach a verdict.

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