How Many Jury Members Decide A Personal Injury Case?

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How Many Jury Members Decide A Personal Injury Case?The United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions guarantee the right to a jury trial. Many people complain about having to fulfill their jury duty obligation, but a true democracy is dependent on the jury system, which is not only based on the willingness of its members to be fair and impartial, but also to simply serve.

Many people believe that a jury’s verdict in a personal injury case in Pennsylvania has to be unanimous. This is not the case as Pennsylvania law only requires that five-sixths of the jury agree upon a decision in any personal injury matter, whether an accident or incident of medical malpractice.

Thus, in civil cases in Pennsylvania, it is not necessary that a jury’s verdict is unanimous. It is only necessary that seven (five if there are six jurors, six if there are seven jurors, or ten if there are twelve jurors) jurors agree upon a decision.

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