Rollover Accidents Are Dangerous

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Reports indicate that rollover accidents are some of the deadliest on our nation’s highways. While rollover accidents make up approximately three percent of all serious vehicle accidents, they cause almost 30 percent of all passenger motor vehicle accident fatalities.

When an accident occurs, the higher a vehicle’s center of gravity, the greater its risk of rolling over. Thus, taller, narrower vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and vans are more likely to rollover because they have a higher center of gravity and, as a result, are more top-heavy.

The research shows that most single-vehicle rollovers are not caused by steering errors by the driver. Rather, an estimated 95% of these accidents are caused by “trips” which include driving miscues such as running into a curb, pothole, or soft road shoulder.

When a vehicle rounds a curve, forces from the side shift the center of gravity resulting in the vehicle potentially becoming significantly unbalanced. These lateral forces increase with speed and quick changes of direction. A driver may make a sharp turn and then try to overcorrect resulting in an eventual loss of control of the vehicle.

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