What Factors Affect A Workers’ Comp Settlement? Part Four

This blog is the fourth and last part of an article addressing factors that affect settlement of a workers’ compensation matter. Please see earlier blogs listing other factors that affect the settlement of a workers’ compensation case. Until then, if you have been injured at work or have any questions about workers’ compensation, call Powell Law today to consult with an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney.

*The Workers’ Compensation Judge (WCJ) assigned to the case

Human beings have biases. Some have more than others do. Some Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Judges are considered employer-friendly, some are considered to be claimant-friendly. While the desired end-result is a fair and just result, the biases of a WCJ may affect the settlement value of a case. An experienced, workers’ compensation attorney will be familiar with the biases of the local WCJs and may use this experience to better estimate any effect on settlement value.

*The desire of a worker to battle the employer’s insurance carrier

Insurance companies are obstinate and solely motivated to pay the smallest amount possible on a claim. Workers who are patient and willing to stand and fight will likely have higher settlements than those who immediately acquiesce to an initial offer. However, there are occasions when fighting may be costly since some claims have limited benefits that diminish over time.

Most workers’ compensation cases are resolved by settlement, which is often preferred because it brings finality to a matter and allows the injured worker to receive a lump-sum payment. In arriving at a fair settlement, workers must consult with experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to make an informed decision about their future.

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