How Long Do Workers Comp Benefits Last?

The rules and regulations related to workers’ compensation cases involve rigid and complicated requirements with which few are truly familiar. Because an experienced and knowledgeable Powell Law workers’ compensation attorney is one of the few, anyone who suffers a work-related injury may be assured that retaining Powell Law to handle a workers’ compensation claim provides an optimal chance of success. If you have been injured at work or have any questions about workers’ compensation, call Powell Law as soon as possible to consult with an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney. Injured workers have only 120 days to report a work injury!

At some point in time, at least for all work-related injuries that occur on or after June 24, 1996, workers’ compensation benefits will end. Thus, the date of injury is important because if an Injury occurred on or before June 23, 1996, there is no statutorily imposed time limit regulating the duration of total disability wage-loss benefits.

For most work-related injuries that occur on or after June 24, 1996, wage-loss benefits last for no more than 11.6 years. After a worker receives total disability benefits for two years, an employer, typically within sixty (60) days of the anniversary date of 104 weeks of total disability compensation, will request that the worker undergoes an impairment rating evaluation (I.R.E.).

If an evaluation results in an impairment rating of less than fifty percent (50%), the worker will automatically be placed on partial disability benefits, but the worker’s benefit compensation rate will remain the same. At this point in time, a five hundred (500) week period of partial disability entitlement begins. 11.6 years is the sum of two years of total disability and five hundred weeks of partial disability.

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How Long Do Workers Comp Benefits Last?


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