Electronic Health Records May Prevent Adverse Medication Events

When taking prescribed medication at the direction of a physician or other health care provider, Pennsylvania residents must be cautious and take the time to understand all directions for use of the pharmaceutical product to prevent medication errors. Simply double-checking labels at the pharmacy is an effective prevention tool. If a problem is suspected at any time, consult with both your physician and the pharmacist immediately. Later, consulting with an attorney may be recommended.

At least 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events (ADEs) occur because of medication errors. Medical negligence based on human error is the primary cause of prescription drug mistakes and may occur anywhere in the drug distribution system, including errors related to the accuracy and correctness of patient information. Electronic health records (EHRs) may help prevent these types of adverse medication events in several ways.

EHRs make it easier to create, update, and maintain lists detailing patient medications and allergies. Thus, they may alert all interested parties to interactions between different drugs, as well as between drugs and allergies. They allow health care providers to check automatically for problems whenever a new medication is prescribed.

Electronic health records provide necessary information for the performance of medication reconciliation during transitions of care. They also may transmit prescriptions electronically, thus reducing errors in handwriting. Since the same record may be the basis for all prescriptions, once it is correct, it is always correct until updated by the attending physician.

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Electronic Health Records May Prevent Adverse Medication Events

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