Treating An Injury With Your Doctor After An Accident

After any type of accident, receiving a doctor’s assessment to determine the extent of an injury is crucial. The most obvious reason is that treatment is the essence of making a complete physical recovery. Another reason is that it is vital to establish any case for damages if another party was responsible for the injuries. Thus, seeking and receiving medical treatment expediently after an accident isn’t just good for a person’s health, it also strengthens a claim for damages in a personal injury case.

When meeting with a physician following the incident, it is important that all patients, not just accident victims, are forthright, truthful, and cooperative. The first actions taken after an accident may affect the compensation received.

Any physical or mental ailment should be disclosed so that a doctor may determine the source and cause of pain, and, perhaps more importantly, prescribe the best treatment for the injury. A treating physician should be informed of movement restrictions and any activities that can no longer be performed and affect daily life.

When treating with any physician, accident victims should keep a journal documenting injuries and their corresponding medical treatment. This diary should contain specific entries that include the degree of pain and any other negative effects experienced as a result of the injuries. All of this information should be kept in a file, including all correspondence (written, email, notes of phone calls) with medical professionals during the course of treatment for any injuries. All medical bills and receipts, including those for co-payments, prescriptions, dietary needs, and aids such as crutches, walkers, and canes, should be saved. It may also be necessary to track travel expenses for medical appointments.

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Treating Your Injury With Your Doctor After An Accident



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