Driving Tips For New (Teen) Drivers

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The time when a teenager becomes a licensed driver is stressful for parents. Drivers in their teens account for more motor vehicle accidents than any other age group. Parents want their children to observe all traffic laws and drive safely

The summer brings a new class of licensed teenage drivers to the roads of Pennsylvania. Here are some valuable and useful tips for ensuring a safe return each and every time they leave home. While driving, it’s important that teens remember to:

  • Keep their hands on the wheel at all times;
  • Drive defensively;
  • Minimize distractions inside the motor vehicle;
  • Drive alone (without other teens);
  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance;
  • Never text while driving (Its illegal in Pennsylvania)
  • Turn off cell phones and put them in the glove compartment;
  • Use headlights to increase their auto’s visibility to others;
  • Wear seatbelts at all times;
  • Change lanes as infrequently as possible;
  • Avoid taking sharp turns at high rates of speed;
  • Obey traffic laws, especially the speed limit; and
  • Slow down when approaching an intersection and never race to run a yellow caution light.

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