Can I Sue Someone Who Isn’t A Physician For Malpractice?

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It’s logical that people associate medical malpractice with physicians, but any medical professional or healthcare provider who fails to provide treatment meeting the accepted standard of care may be sued for medical malpractice. Thus, therapists, nurses, nurse-practitioners, medical technicians, and chiropractors may be held legally responsible for negligence that causes injury or harm.

To bring a successful case based on medical malpractice, the provider must have been negligent in diagnosing or treating an injury or condition. Professional malpractice plaintiffs must show that a party was negligent by breaching or violating the standard of care.

The standard of care constitutes the generally accepted medical practices used by similar medical professionals in the same geographic area for individuals suffering from a particular illness or condition. This may vary based on variables such as the patient’s age and prior medical history. All healthcare providers, even those who are not physicians, who violate the appropriate standard of care and cause harm, may be held legally responsible for their conduct.

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