Tips For Safe Summer Boating

As the warm weather months have arrived, many Pennsylvanians will ready their boats and other naval craft for another summer of boating. There are many dangers involved with boating. First, because boating involves water, it incorporates all those dangers inherent in any activity in water. Second, since boats may weigh over 2000 pounds and are capable of speeds of 90 mph, boats may be destructive and deadly instruments.

It is essential that boat captains never leave the wheel and always pay attention to the water and surrounding environment. Inexperienced boaters should avoid situations, especially those related to weather, with which they are unfamiliar. Inability to sufficiently address the situation and take appropriate safety measures may cause an accident and severe or fatal injuries to those aboard.

Here are some safety tips for helping to ensure a safe boating experience:

  • Make sure that the boat is regularly and properly maintained. Any parts of the boat that are defective may cause an injury. Boat engines may expose passengers to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, which is toxic and may cause death or serious injury.
  • Pay special attention to and constantly monitor the condition and safety of all passengers, especially children.
  • ALWAYS check the weather report prior to and during boating trips. Severe weather conditions causing rocky seas may throw passengers around or from the vessel. Extreme temperatures and sun exposure may cause illnesses such as heat exhaustion to anyone engaging in seemingly benign activities like water-skiing or simply lounging on-deck.
  • NEVER use alcohol or drugs while operating a boat. One out of three boating accidents involves an operator who is under the influence of alcohol. Pennsylvania has made operating a boat while intoxicated a criminal offense with violators subject to heavy fines and incarceration. Basically, individuals charged with boating under the influence will be subject to the same penalties as those charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

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