About Pa. Workers’ Comp Forms: LIBC-344 Employer’s Report Of Injury

Employer’s Report of Injury (LIBC-344) is an important form that is filed by employers when a work-related injury occurs in their workplace. The Employer Report of Industrial Injury must be filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), whenever the employee is absent from work for one work shift or longer.

The report of injury must be filed with the BWC within forty-eight (48) hours of injury, resulting in death or not before 7 days but no later than 10 days after date of injury for all other injuries covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act, except those cases resulting in no disability.

Disability for the purposes of reporting is defined as (1) loss of time or wages beyond the day, shift, or turn in which the injury was received or (2) the loss or loss of use of a member or disfigurement which may qualify for a specific loss payment under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act (§ 306).

The insurer must file the LIBC-344 Employer Report of Injury with the BWC and with its insurer. It is customary that employers provide injured employees with a copy of the report. The Employer’s Report of Injury is not admissible as evidence against the employer or insurer in any worker compensation proceeding.

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About Pa. Workers’ Comp Forms: LIBC-344 Employer’s Report Of Injury

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