My Insurance Company Wants To Settle My Case – Do I Need An Attorney?

If you have any questions about litigating a claim for damages resulting from any type of vehicle accident, contact Powell Law. Our decades of experience make it the clear and obvious choice to meet all your legal needs, especially for representation in personal injury matters involving any type of vehicle accident in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area.

At some point in time after an accident, the parties involved will have their first contact with an insurance company. This contact may be polite and the insurance carrier may seem like its acting responsibly and reasonably in response to the needs of victims. Soon thereafter, the insurer may desire to resolve the matter and make a settlement offer, which may be a “lowball” offer and less than fair compensation for the personal injuries suffered in the accident. What’s next?

Hiring a qualified personal injury attorney may be the next appropriate, if not necessary, course of action. If the insurance company has caused feelings of frustration and anxiety while exhausting all patience, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide valuable assistance, helping accident victims receive the respect and claim results they deserve.

Insurance companies typically use experienced insurance defense attorneys to represent them. Many utilize in-house defense attorneys who do nothing but defend claims against the insurance company. Any accident victim’s attorney must be an equal adversary. Insurers assess the risk of not reaching a settlement by considering the expertise and experience of a victim’s legal representative. An experienced personal injury attorney will review any settlement offer, negotiate the terms of a fair settlement agreement, as well as make sure that any such agreement when reduced to writing reflects the terms as negotiated.

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My Insurance Company Wants To Settle My Case – Do I Need An Attorney?

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