FAQ In Personal Injury Cases: I’ve Just Been In An Accident, Now What?

For over a century, 113 years, in fact, the attorneys at Powell Law have represented Pennsylvania personal injury victims. We provide free consultations with an experienced personal injury attorney. Our primary goal is the complete and total recovery of all of our clients’ losses. Today’s blog deals with another frequently asked question about personal injury cases.

It’s not uncommon for those injured in any type of accident to have questions about what happens next as they try to recover their losses. Of course, most individuals don’t consider what happens in a personal injury case until they themselves suffer some injury or harm.

Thus, many questions arise immediately after an injury occurs and some of these inquiries often result from misconceptions based on incorrect information. It’s important that prospective personal injury plaintiffs proceed correctly to ensure that they make a complete and fair recovery for their losses.

After an accident occurs, prospective plaintiffs should:

  • First and foremost, seek and receive any necessary medical treatment if not done so already;
  • Not agree to anything with an insurance company until consulting a lawyer;
  • File a police report as required by Pennsylvania law;
  • Take photos of any injuries;
  • Inform your insurance carrier;
  • Have the repair of any property damage appraised;
  • Cautiously discuss the case with others;
  • Draft a narrative of the incident while still fresh in memory;
  • Continue any already prescribed care by a physician;
  • Keep all follow-up doctor’s appointments;
  • List all witnesses and their contact information; and
  • Consult an experienced personal injury attorney.

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FAQ In Personal Injury Cases: I’ve Just Been In An Accident, Now What?

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