The Dangers Of Cell Phones And Ion-Lithium Batteries

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Although their use is of significant utility, lithium batteries have the potential to be dangerous when they malfunction. They may explode and result in fire causing severe, life-threatening injuries. Samsung’s anxiously awaited Galaxy Note smartphone exploded in user’s hands, pockets, and automobiles because of malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries. Some of these explosions resulted in serious burns. The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and eventually discontinued. Replacements of the phone were known to erupt in flames or explode.

Because lithium-ion batteries contain and store a large amount of energy for their size, they easily overheat, especially when they remain plugged in for an excessive period of time. Cell phone users have reported their phone exploding while it rested on a nightstand. The phone was not charging at the time and was disconnected from any electrical socket. Cell phones have spontaneously combusted while in a person’s pocket.

Anyone who suffers severe burns due to an ion-lithium battery explosion will typically require extensive medical treatment. Malfunctioning cell phones that explode or ignite may cause significant damage to personal property and even real property. When a laptop computer ignited a couch, the home’s inhabitant was killed by the resulting fire.

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