When Is An Employer Required To Start Paying Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Powell Law can assist anyone injured on the job in Pennsylvania to assert their right to collect workers’ compensation benefits. After a work-related injury, a worker must comply with certain requirements when applying for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers are required to act within a certain amount of time to agree or disagree that an injury is work-related. Pennsylvania law permits injured workers to receive reimbursement for wage-loss benefits, medical treatment, death benefits, and vocational rehabilitation.

Unless an employer has knowledge of the injury or is given notice by the employee within 21 days of the injury, no compensation is due until such notice is received. Notice by an employee must be given no later than 120 days after the injury to be eligible for compensation.

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, an employer and its insurance carrier have 21 days after they receive notice of the injury to either agree that an injury is work-related and issue a Notice of Compensation Payable or Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable; or to deny the claim and issue a Notice of Compensation Denial.

Injured employees are entitled to employer-paid medical treatment and, if any cumulative period of disability exceeds seven days, wage-loss benefits, which must commence within 21 days of the employer’s knowledge or notice of injury, unless the claim is denied within this 21-day period.

Before an injured worker may receive wage-loss benefits, medical proof from a physician that confirms any injuries must be submitted. Whether the worker is able to return to work or any restrictions on the type of work that may be performed must also be established. Most insurance carriers provide benefit checks every other week to injured workers while some pay wage-loss benefits on a weekly basis.

Any worker who has any questions about workers’ compensation benefits should contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Powell Law. Remember, you have 120 days to report your work injury! Our decades of experience make us the clear choice for representation in workers’ compensation cases in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas. Since James Powell, Sr., founded Powell Law in 1906, our attorneys have represented all types of workers in workers’ compensation cases. We effectively help our clients throughout the entire workers’ compensation claims process. Contact Powell Law at (570) 961-0777. The consultation is FREE!

When Is An Employer Required To Start Paying Workers’ Compensation Benefits?


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