High-Risk Situations For Motorcycle Accidents

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About 4,000 motorcycle crashes occur on Pennsylvania roads each year. Crashes are most likely to occur in these high-risk situations:

Left turns

Approximately 50 percent of all motorcycle crashes involve another motor vehicle. Around 40 percent were caused by the other vehicle turning left in front of the motorcycle.

Vehicle’s blind spot

Often, because of their size, motorcyclists are difficult to see and may become hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot. It is important to check mirrors and visually check blind spots for hidden vehicles and objects such as motorcycles any time you change lanes.

Hazardous road conditions

Hazardous road conditions affect motorcycles differently than automobiles. A seemingly insignificant small piece of debris may be of no consequence to a car, truck or SUV, but it may seriously impede a motorcycle’s balance at high speeds.

Motorcyclists may suddenly alter the speed of the cycle or change direction or position within a lane reacting to road and traffic conditions such as potholes, uneven surfaces, wet or slippery surfaces, gravel, pavement seams, grooved pavement, and railroad crossings.

Hazardous weather conditions

Wet or icy road surfaces impair a motorcycle’s braking and handling abilities. These conditions may more significantly affect a motorcycle than a car, truck or SUV. It is important as the driver of a car, truck or SUV to exercise due care and consideration when you encounter a motorcycle in proximity to your vehicle in bad weather conditions.

Strong winds

Strong gusts of wind have the potential to push a motorcycle across an entire lane if unanticipated. Especially hazardous are wind gusts caused by the movement of large trucks in other lanes.

Large vehicles

Larger motor vehicles such as SUVs, vans, and trucks may impede a motorcycle from a driver’s vision. One moment the motorcycle is unseen by a driver, the next moment it may suddenly and unexpectedly appear. A driver’s senses and reaction time will be crucial in preventing an accident in this situation.

Sharing the road is the product of cooperation and non-aggression between motorists and motorcycles. By operating vehicles utilizing common sense, courtesy and knowledge of the law, motorists and motorcyclists may ride together on Pennsylvania’s roads in harmony and, more importantly, in safety.

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High-Risk Situations For Motorcycle Accidents


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