The Stages Of A Personal Injury Case, Part 1: The Accident & Ensuing Loss

Proceeding through the legal system with a claim for damages based on personal injuries is not as simple and expedient as most people would desire. Victims and potential plaintiffs who know as much as possible about the process should be better equipped to handle the inherent stress of what may be a long, arduous journey. Knowledge not only facilitates understanding the process but being patient with it as well.

The following are typically the stages that occur after a victim begins the process of seeking compensation for her losses after suffering some type of personal injury and incurring damages consisting of, but not limited to, medical expenses and lost wages:

  1. An accident or event occurs where some injury results. Accidents are an inevitable occurrence in everyday life. They are unexpected and usually unanticipated. The best case scenario is some inconvenience and ensuing stress. The incident may be a motor vehicle accident, slip, trip, and/or fall in a public building or place. It may also be an injury caused by a third party in the victim’s workplace.

Aside from death, the worst-case scenario is the occurrence of injuries that may be life-threatening or permanently disabling. It is important to take pictures and videos of the incident, if possible. Notify the police or local law enforcement immediately and seek medical help as soon as possible. Do not make a formal statement to authorities at this time. Maintaining a calm demeanor to collect information is difficult right after an accident, but it is very important to the success of any future personal injury claim.

  1. The victim incurs some loss. Because of the injury suffered as a result of the accident or incident, the victim requires medical attention and misses time from work. There may also be damage to the victim’s property, personal or real. These medical expenses, repair bills, and lost wages are all compensable losses.

Once the victim starts to incur expenses as a result of the effects of an accident, the ability to easily prove such expenses is important for any future settlement or trial award. Thus, keeping receipts, canceled checks, and any other records that indicate some loss is recommended before moving forward and consulting with a personal injury attorney.

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The Stages Of A P.I. Case, Part 1: The Accident & Ensuing Loss

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