The Stages Of A P.I. Case, Part 2: Hiring An Attorney And Investigating The Claim

See part one of this blog here. The following are typically the stages that occur after a victim is involved in an accident and suffers some loss:

  1. The victim consults with a personal injury attorney. Those who are negligent or otherwise at fault for causing personal injuries and damage to property don’t readily volunteer to take responsibility for their actions without the threat of a victim utilizing the legal system to recover compensation for any losses. Consulting with and hiring a personal injury attorney is a victim’s best chance to ensure that he will recover fair and just compensation for his losses.

At this time a victim may await an insurance company’s settlement offer or be proactive and immediately consult with a personal injury attorney. Attorneys may typically help an accident victim obtain a settlement that is more than what an insurance company considers fair compensation. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to their clients. Consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can substantially help a personal injury victim.

Most personal injury attorneys work for fees that are contingent on success. This means that a client is only responsible for paying the costs of a case if unsuccessful. An experienced personal injury attorney can outline a case’s time frame and explain the length of time it will take to build a case before making a demand to the insurance company.

  1. The potential plaintiff’s claim is investigated. Once hired by an accident victim with personal injuries, a personal injury attorney will begin and conduct a formal investigation of the claim, as well as organizing, collecting and gathering evidence as proof of its validity. A personal injury attorney will not only review and analyze the claim but gather evidence to substantiate it while organizing this evidence in anticipation of trial.

A P.I. attorney will gather all of the medical records and bills that are related to the injuries, including the information about treating physicians, any associated medical documentation, and the recommended course of treatment.

Properly litigating a personal injury case to ensure our clients complete and total recovery of losses is always the first priority of the experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys at Powell Law. If you require legal counsel and assistance in litigating a claim for damages resulting from a personal injury, contact Powell Law. We are experienced in fighting insurance companies to assert the rights of our clients. Contact Powell Law at (570) 961-0777. The consultation is FREE!


The Stages Of A P.I. Case, Part 2: Hiring An Attorney And Investigating The Claim



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