Some Information About Dental Malpractice

For over a century, the attorneys at Powell Law have helped victims of medical malpractice recover damages for their injuries. Properly litigating a professional malpractice case ensuring that our clients complete and total recovery of their losses is always the first and foremost priority of the experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys at Powell Law.

Like any other medical professional, a dentist’s failure to diagnose a dental or oral health condition may constitute an incident of professional or dental malpractice. However, a legal claim based on an incident of dental malpractice claim must be based on a dental professional acting in such a way that he or she violated the acceptable standard of dental care. A claim may not be brought based on a dental treatment’s lack of success or a patient’s dissatisfaction with such treatment.

Thus, for a dental malpractice claim to be legally viable, harm must be caused by a dental care provider who failed to act in a way that a prudent and reasonable dental care provider would have acted under similar circumstances. The following are examples of professional conduct by a dental care provider that may constitute acts of professional malpractice:

  • Improperly performed surgery, including extractions, root canals, unnecessary extraction of teeth, extraction of wrong teeth, or other manipulations;
  • Improper placement of implants, improperly fabricated, placed or completed bridges and crowns;
  • Delay in the treatment of periodontal disease, oral cancer, or other conditions related to a failure to diagnose; and
  • Improper administration of anesthesia (wrong dosage, wrong type, improper management, induction or failure to induce).

A mistake by a dentist or dental hygienist may result in serious injuries with long-term effects. Dental malpractice may result in lingual nerve injuries, jaw injuries, with effects like pain and numbness that may be temporary or permanent.

Injuries to the lingual nerve may affect a person’s ability to taste, as well as cause permanent numbness in the tongue. Pain and sensory changes due to lingual nerve injury are one of the most common alterations that follow surgical removal of a patient’s third molar.

Thus, patients who suffer injuries as a result of dental malpractice may file a claim for failure to meet the reasonable standard of care. Also, dental patients may file a dental malpractice claim if the dental care provider either failed to obtain a patient’s informed consent or exceeded such informed consent.

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Some Information About Dental Malpractice


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