Changing Habits – Bad Driving Habits

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While monotonous and routine, driving is never without risk nor danger. Most of us believe we are good drivers. Nevertheless, to some extent, we unintentionally develop certain driving habits that not only increase our risk of accident and injury, but also increase the risk of accident and injury to other motorists. Here are some ways to change and improve unwanted, bad driving habits:

  • Prioritize driving.

The top priority of every driver should simply be to drive and not focus on what is happening in the backseat on a passenger’s tablet or phone. Plan ahead and apply makeup at home. Read a book or magazine at the library or in the family den. All of these activities are distractions that increase the risk of an accident and injury.

  • Drive with attentiveness and awareness.

This, of course, is related to distracted driving. Getting the big picture of everything that is happening on the road surrounding your vehicle is essential to minimizing the risk of the unexpected. Remaining vigilant and being aware of what is happening on the road to observe any potential dangers may be potentially life-saving.

  • Drive courteously.

Many bad drivers are bad drivers because they’re impolite and rarely show any form of courtesy to other motorists. Doing things like speeding up to close the gap in front of you when another driver turns on their turn signal, tailgating someone instead of just going around them, and cutting people off is not only rude, but dangerous. These types of driving habits may lead to accidents, road rage, and traffic citations.

  • Obey the law.

Traffic laws exist for the safety of every person whether they are a motorist, cyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian. Disobeying red lights and stop signs, as well as speeding in school zones or residential areas are dangerous and place others at risk of serious injury. Yet people break traffic laws every day.

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Changing Habits - Bad Driving Habits


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