Preparing To Meet With Your Workers Comp Attorney: Part 1 – Documentation

Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may have been one of your first actions after the occurrence of a work-related injury. Now it is time to prepare for your first consultation. The more organized you are, the sooner your claim may be filed, and the sooner you may receive benefits.

An attorney requires a certain amount of information to evaluate whether there is sufficient evidence to support a workers’ compensation claim. There is no reason to waste valuable resources such as money and time if the evidence clearly indicates the likelihood of a negative final result. 

If there is any reason to move forward with a workers’ compensation claim after the first consultation with your attorney, the evidence proving your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits must still be collected, organized, and filed with your claim.


Likely Sources: Health Care Providers, Employers, Insurance Companies, Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Attorneys are paid to analyze and interpret documentary evidence. Seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys have reviewed a myriad of medical records and are familiar with those circumstances that tend to indicate a greater likelihood of claim approval.

Thus, you should organize and bring anything on paper from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, health care providers, your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier that relates to your claim. If there is any question, bring it and let your attorney decide. It is also a good idea to make a complete list of your medical providers.

This paperwork may include:

  • medical records and reports
  • correspondence
  • forms
  • authorizations,
  • requests
  • agreements

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Preparing To Meet With Your Workers Comp Attorney: Part 1 – Documentation

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