Medical Malpractice And Hospital-Acquired Infections

Many of Powell Law’s attorneys have vast experience representing those affected by medical errors. James F. Mundy, Esq. has nearly five decades of experience in legal matters involving medical malpractice and defective medical devices. Medical malpractice may arise from many distinct types of medical errors, one of which is an environment of bacteria, germs, and viruses that causes infection.

Professional, in this case, medical, malpractice may occur when a patient in a hospital or other medical facility suffers an infection. It is no surprise that any type of medical facility, especially a hospital, is the ideal setting and breeding ground for all types of dangerous, disease-causing organisms.

All patients are vulnerable to infection, especially those with a weakened immune system. Children and the elderly, as well as anyone with an open wound, are especially susceptible to infection when visiting a health care facility for treatment.

An infection may greatly aggravate what usually is a minor medical problem and transform it into a serious, life-threatening situation. Hospitals use many types of medical devices such as catheters, tubes, surgical tools, needles, bedpans, and sterilizers that may be defective and therefore carry bacteria, germs, and viruses.

It is no surprise that infections to the bloodstream and urinary tract are common in patients who, in fact, suffer an infection. Also, the unsanitary practices of doctors and medical staff may cause a patient to sustain an infection. At times, antibiotics may not be distributed in accordance with procedures or the applicable standard of care.  

Once a vital organ becomes infected, destroying the infection may be the difference between life and death. When this occurs, a patient may have to endure painful treatments and suffer adverse reactions over many weeks or months to return to normal health.

Medical facilities, especially hospitals, should have procedures implemented within their system to deal with infections and prevent them from spreading to patients. When a patient becomes ill as the result of an infection, the hospital’s procedures and adherence to these procedures must be examined.

Was the hospital negligent? Did it adhere to the applicable standard of care in addressing the presence of infections? These are important questions that only an experienced medical malpractice attorney may help address and answer.

In next week’s blogs, we’ll talk about diagnostic errors, which are frequent sources of medical malpractice claims.

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Medical Malpractice And Hospital-Acquired Infections

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