Common Medical Errors That Give Rise To Medical Malpractice, Part One

There are many types of medical errors that may give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit. The number of people who died as the result of medical malpractice increased by over 80% in 2010 (180,000) from the total number who died in 1998 (98,000).

The current data indicates that the number is now over 200,000. However, when considering the limitations in search capabilities and the incompleteness of medical records, the number may be over 400,000.

The large variance of estimated deaths in these projections indicates a notable inaccuracy, thus indicating a relatively high degree of uncertainty and, therefore, unreliability in these findings. Regardless, the implication of these statistics is enough to alarm any person who is an inpatient at any hospital.

Emergency Room Malpractice

There are some emergency room medical malpractice cases that result because of errors made during actual treatment in the emergency room. Other mistakes occur as a result of medical staff not treating a patient soon enough after arrival in the ER.

Childbirth Injuries

Mistakes that occur during childbirth may cause brain injuries leading to seizures and cerebral palsy.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

It is common for doctors to make a wrong or delayed diagnosis, which may lead to treatment that’s improper and ineffective. A doctor may incorrectly diagnose a condition that is less severe than diagnosed, resulting in unnecessary treatment and procedures. In the alternative, a diagnosis may occur too late to provide any meaningful, effective treatment.

Surgical Malpractice

Twenty-four percent (almost one in four) of medical malpractice cases are the result of surgery mistakes.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 4 percent of patients seeking treatment in a medical facility will develop an infection during their stay.

Under or Over Dosage of Anesthesia

Problems with prescribing too much or too little anesthesia are also common. Anesthesia wearing off during surgery or causing some negative physical reaction during surgery are other instances of a medical mistake relating to the use of anesthesia.

Medication Mistakes

A medication mistake is defined by the FDA as a preventative event that causes harm as the result of medication prescribed by a physician or healthcare provider. Medication mistakes are like mistakes made with anesthesia in that they result from prescribing too little or too much, or giving patients the incorrect dosage or wrong combination of medication.

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Common Medical Errors That Give Rise To Medical Malpractice, Part One

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