Common Medical Errors That Give Rise To Medical Malpractice, Part Two

The data suggests that, at least, as many as two hundred thousand patients die each year as the result of medical malpractice. This number may even be double based on current estimates. There are common medical errors that may give rise to a medical malpractice claim that are just pure mistakes.

These events are known as “never events” because they should never occur. These types of errors include surgical errors on the wrong patient or body part. Some people consider any errors during cosmetic surgery to be “never events” because such surgery is typically unnecessary. These types of mistakes may be catastrophic in that they may require multiple surgeries in the future and result in the loss of a limb or vital organ.

Operating on the Wrong Patient

This is the ultimate “never event,” and it is hard to believe any time that it occurs. Misplacing or confusing patient documentation, such as inadequately verifying a patient’s identity prior to the surgical procedure, does occur and often inevitably with horrendous results.

Operating on the Wrong Body Part

The reasons for these types of errors include clerical errors such as inaccurate documentation and information regarding a patient, as well as professional errors such as the surgeon misreading the patient’s chart.

Surgical Tools or Accessories Left in the Body

Comedians often joke about this subject, but it really does occur. Leaving surgical tools or other medical accessories or devices in the body prior to closing the surgical area is also more common than any patient would imagine. Symptoms of these types of mistakes include discomfort, pain, infection, and swelling.

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

Many adults subject themselves to cosmetic surgical procedures despite the absence of any necessity. Excessive scarring, emotional distress, nerve damage, and even medication errors are common effects of these procedures when done negligently.

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Common Medical Errors That Give Rise To Medical Malpractice, Part Two

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