Dealing With Medical Bills After An Accident

After any motor vehicle accident that causes injuries, especially those that prevent an accident victim from working immediately thereafter, expenses start to mount quickly. Dealing with any type of expense resulting from an accident may be an emotionally draining task, as well as a financially draining one.

Once an accident occurs, victims must take immediate steps to ensure that their lives return to normal, as they were before the accident. After all, the law attempts to put those damaged by the negligence of others in the same position that they were in before the accident, i.e., return them to the status quo.

Personal injuries and property damage may both result from an accident. A motor vehicle may require major repairs or even be totaled. Based on an early prognosis, present and future medical bills may be more than substantial and possibly a total of more than six figures.

If an accident resulted in serious injuries, medical expenses for the ambulance, emergency room care, and all hospital visits will accumulate quickly. Then there is the distinct possibility that recurring bills for future treatments and rehabilitation may last for a significant open-ended number of years.

Any public, private or employer-sponsored health insurance policies will pay these medical costs after any deductible and co-payments. Of course, insurers must be reimbursed for these payments and may place a lien on any settlement if the liability of the other driver has been clearly established.

One of the few ways that an accident victim may find recourse in this situation is to consult an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident. If the negligence of another party caused the injuries suffered in the accident, accident victims may be entitled to receive monetary compensation to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and loss, as well as emotional damages such as pain and suffering. Powell Law’s attorneys have unmatched experience assisting individuals who have suffered damages caused by the negligence of others.

The assessment of damages and applicable insurance coverage is important in any personal injury matter. With our experience, we have unique abilities to help our clients through every type of personal injury case. Powell Law’s unsurpassed qualifications make it an obvious choice for representation in all types of personal injury cases in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas. The attorneys at Powell Law carry on the work of a law firm that spans generations and has represented thousands of Pennsylvanians over a period of 115 years. Contact Powell Law at (570) 961-0777 or visit us online. Call now for a FREE case evaluation. You don’t pay unless we win!

Dealing With Medical Bills After An Accident

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